.see/access/experince/visit/have the work at http://intuitions.httpdot.net/intuition2.0/

.intuition2.0_ is an html code. it tells the web browser to display the image called “intution.jpg” in web directory_
.this image, the “intuition.jpg” is supposed to be a photo of german artist joseph beuys‘ multiple work of art called “intuition”, which is copyrighted and even using the images of it requires licensing. since this copyrighted image is not found in the web directory of the project, then the html code tells the web browser to display the alt attribute text instead_
.however each web browser behaves different for this situation and you will see the work in different forms in different browsers and operating systems_
.the html code also has a link to project’s page and a title attribute_
.intuition2.0_ is a digitiple_
.intuition2.0_ is a work from the series .intuitions (after joseph beuys)_ by .-_-.
.check .intuition2.1_ to see how this html code looks when rendered by firefox 3.6.12 in gnu/linux with freesans font (size 14)_
.see the .free/open content_ page for the source code and all the .copyleft!_ free/libre content of the series .intuitions (after joseph beuys)_ by .-_-.


by .-_-.
(from the series .intuitions (after joseph beuys)_ )
2010, digitiple, html code, 589bytes, in various forms according to the rendered OS, software and settings
.copyleft!_ , .-_-. , 2010


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